Holiday pricing

Yesterday we went to the good supermarket underneath Shinjuku station to do the shopping for today’s New Year’s Eve party.

1kg of beef
1kg of beef for roasting

This supermarket is always a bit pricey, but the food is the best. Still, Nana was a bit surprised at a price of ¥1,340 for 本わさび (hon-wasabi), so she said she’d pick it up today at another store.

She’s just returned from the second supermarket, nearer our place but still a bit up-market. She paid a slightly more reasonable ¥1,280 for hon-wasabi. On the other hand, she paid more for some other vegetables than she would have at the first supermarket. That’s karma for you.

I just asked Nana what a usual price would be for hon-wasabi, and she replied she only buys it for the New Year’s party. But she thinks she paid about ¥1,000 last year.

The importance of holiday greetings

We had a case of beer and three cartons of shochu delivered, and we exchanged the typical holiday greetings with the deliveryman. When we got to “Please remember us again in the new year,” Nana suddenly remembered that we’ll be moving house next month. “If it’s the same district, then we’ll still be able to deliver to you,” he assured us. Then when we clarified where we’ll be living, he begged for Nana’s help. “That building only has a single delivery elevator. Can you ask the management to allow us to use the regular residents’ elevators, as long as we’re not bringing in a cart?”

Last-minute preparations

Kazari New Year's Decoration
Kazari New Year’s Decoration — just in time

In fact, we went twice to the supermarket yesterday because Nana forgot to buy the kazari holiday decoration the first time, and yesterday was the deadline for getting it up. There are a lot of places nearer where we could have bought one, but she likes the ones there.

So, which ones do you like?
You’re just asking so that you know which ones you don’t want to get, right?

Kansai Odyssey has a very thorough explanation of New Year’s decorations and the bits that make them up.

Kadomatsu, via Kansai Odyssey

Farewell, 2017

Yesterday’s sunset with Fujisan may be the last of 2017, as it’s overcast today with occasional rain and snow flurries.

Fujisan sunset
Fujisan sunset — the last of 2017

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