Shasui Falls

Shasui Falls


Shasui Falls are a ribbon-like cataract with a total height of 90m on the Takizawa river near Yamakita in Kanagawa Prefecture. The falls, which lie within the grounds of the Saishouji Temple, are listed among the top 100 waterfalls in Japan and the top 50 scenic spots in Kanagawa.

The main drop of 69m (pictured above) is followed by a second drop of 16m and a final fall of 29m. The second drop is not visible to the public since a rock slide destroyed a bridge (behind the red bridge). Construction has been undertaken to prevent further rock slides, but the view of the second falls has not reopened.

Fountain at Shasui Falls

The temple maintains its connection to the falls, which are used in Buddhist purification rites where monks immerse themselves in the falls (often in freezing conditions). As Wikipedia relates, “During the early Kamakura period, the famed monk Mongaku is said to have spent one hundred days in meditation and austerities at this waterfall … ”

Perhaps in relation to the falls’ use in purification, the water of the falls is listed among the top 100 water selections in the nation. The name, which could be read as “sake water,” reflects the fragrant perfume of the stream.

Shasui Falls 「洒水の滝」