Beating the typhoon

Jongdari (Typhoon No. 12)

I was a bit worried about being caught out by Jongdari, Typhoon No. 12, while at my driving lesson today. I only had a couple of hours of classroom lectures, but it’s about an hour’s commute each way. When I came out of the lecture hall the rain hadn’t started yet, but the wind was picking up a bit. I thought about having lunch near the station, and then decided I’d be better off getting home to try to beat the rain.

I messaged Nana several times on the way to let her know I’d be happy to pick up anything we need. She finally got back to me just as I arrived at the station and said, “No, we’re fine.”

When I got home, Nana warmed up some leftover beef Stroganoff for me and then said she’s going to the 7-11 later.

You’d better go now.
7-11 is just downstairs.

(NB: It’s outside, around the other side of the building.)

It’s a typhoon.

She goes. She comes back for the umbrella and goes again. She comes back and reports that the umbrella was worthless because of the wind.

(In the end she’d gone to get another bottle of shochu. She said she didn’t want to ask the deliveryman to come out in this weather. So points for thoughtfulness, I guess.)