Also true of many sports figures

I was at dinner last night at a Shinjuku izakaya with Nana and a couple of older women, one of whom used to run a yakitori restaurant in the neighborhood.

At the next table were a couple of younger women. And when Nana got up to use the restroom, one of the older women at my table turned to these two and started a conversation.

I don’t remember what was said before the ball was handed to me, but the following was totally a logical progression from that (I swear):

So how long have you been in Japan?

(This is one of my jokes as it’s a standard question from Japanese meeting a foreigner.)

Young Lady No. 1:
Well …
I’ll bet I’ve been here longer.
Young Lady No. 1:
I’ve been here since 1989.
Young Lady No. 1:
You’re right! That’s longer than me!
Young Lady No. 2:
Me too!

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