How not to eat delicious sushi

Obon is the season when we are visited by the spirits of departed ancestors. Nana arranged with her mother and brother to visit her father’s grave on Saturday. She also made a reservation at a nearby Chinese restaurant, all you can eat and drink for two hours.

After the big feast, we got home about 3:30 and I fell asleep shortly after that. I woke up at 5:30, still totally full. I was like:


… will not fit.

Then Nana’s friend called from our favorite neighborhood sushi bar. She was there with her brother and his family, and they all wanted us to join them.

I said, “OK, but I can’t eat anything! I’m not even sure I can drink.” Nana agreed.

We got to the sushi bar and Nana was so busy greeting all her friend’s relatives that she didn’t tell the master that we were still full from lunch, and so he prepared us a plate.

Akagai, Saba, Tako, Ika
Akagai, Saba, Tako, Ika

So I told Nana, “You have to tell the master we are still full from lunch!”

And she said, “Don’t worry about it.”

So when the master followed up with a couple of plates and put gari on them, I told him myself.

Still, we finished most of that plate, and got an ungodly amount of booze in.

Nana lasted about an hour before the booze hit her, and I brought her home and put her to bed.

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