Blue juice

We had a farmers’ co-op or some such from Kanagawa marketing in our building’s event space over the weekend. We picked up some spuds, onions, a zucchini …

A package of Kiku Imo Aojiru
Potato Power

Among the offerings was a powdered drink made from potatoes, a variation on 青汁 (Aojiru, literally “blue [that is, green] juice”), a vile-tasting beverage usually made from kale that was made famous by the campaign まずい!もう一杯! (Awful! I’ll have another!)

According to the young couple hawking this miracle drink, it was not only good for gout, it would also help lower my blood pressure and help me to lose weight. I’m pretty sure I even heard the phrase “effective for women’s ailments.” The most startling claim, though, given that they’d stuck with the “Aojiru” moniker, was that it was 美味しい! (Delicious!)

Nana was sold. We picked up a packet of 10 to give it a try.

So how is it?

Each morning, Nana mixes me up a packet with water. The first surprise was that it is green, like its famous namesake. Where does green come from potatoes? The next surprise was that the flavor was … not delicious, but actually rather bland.

And as for the rest of the claims? Well, I’ll be through the first batch about the middle of next week, by which time I expect to have lost at least 10kg and have a full head of lustrous hair.

Mazui Aojiru
Mazui Aojiru — why is it green?