A million stories

Night view of Shinjuku, Tokyo

There are a million stories in the city. This is one of them.

Nana had an interview today, while I slaved away at the day job. She had previously arranged for us to meet for dinner at オサカナバル (Fish bleu) in Shinjuku. As it happened, she arrived in Shinjuku two hours before our reservation.

While she was passing the time waiting for me, I was quietly blowing a gasket at the office because a departing colleague had gone over my head to request a favor of the CEO, without even bothering to ask me first. Granted, I’d have said no, but that was out of company policy and accounting rules rather than my own mandate. When the CEO agreed to the request, he didn’t take those things into account, which left my own boss scrambling.

In that mood, I arrived for the feedbag. How did it go?

Glass of IPA craft beer
Osakana Bleu Fisherman's Plate
Osakana Bleu Fisherman’s Plate

Shrimp salad
Shrimp salad
Tako and mushroom
Tako and mushroom

While Nana had been waiting for me, she did some shopping. This is what I found when we got home.

Souvenir bag
Souvenirs from my trip
Fujisan whiseky
Fujisan whiskey
Fujisan whisky
Fujisan whisky
CD of Ornette Coleman jazz
Ornette Coleman

Not bad, but lacking in maturity. As you can see, I have the situation well in hand …